A Writer’s Dream…Literally

I have many author friends who lament the fact that their characters sometimes hijack their story. They’ll have the entire thing meticulously plotted out, then BAM!- the characters have taken over.

I have felt this way myself. In fact, I have had to explain to my daughter why one character in a previous book had to suffer the fate he did. It wasn’t something I planned. It was just something that happened. I had an inkling that it was coming a few days before I wrote it, but at that point, I couldn’t write the scene in any other way.

Sometimes, the people reading our stories cry with our characters. Most authors I know will admit we cry with them, too.

What I never expected was to be taken to task by one of my own characters.

Let me explain. Several nights ago, I had a very realistic dream. In this dream, I was sitting down to lunch at one of the local restaurants where I sometimes dine with my family. My companion was one of my heroines to one of the first books I ever published. Although it seems ridiculous now, at that moment, it felt perfectly normal to be sitting across from her. Anyway, my companion, Melanie, had brought with her a detailed list of all the major plot points in the story. During our lunch, she argued with me about why I should have skipped such and such a conflict, or misunderstanding, and made her path easier.

“But conflict is essential!” I defended.

I don’t remember much more. But I believe the point I was trying to make is true. Conflict in stories makes the readers root for the characters. And it makes the Happy Ever After that much sweeter.

What do you think? Do you, as a reader, enjoy seeing the hero and heroine overcome obstacles? Do you become emotionally involved with the stories? I have digital copies of An Inconvenient Courtship or print copies of Interrupted Lullaby to giveaway to two commenters.  I will pull names on January 2.



  1. Marilyn R on December 29, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    As a reader, I enjoy reading how the hero and heroine overcome obstacles. There’s plenty of times when the story can be applied to my life or used to help someone else going through maybe the same struggle. I become emotionally involved with stories and want to text, call or connect socially with the characters to see what is happening in their lives after I’ve read the last page. There are certain characters that become family members and I think about them even years later wondering whatever happened to them. LOL I still recall a few from favorite books as a young teen and cannot depart with those books from my personal library. : )

    Thank you for the giveaway. An Inconvenient Courtship and Interrupted Lullaby book sounds like great reads. Love Inspired Suspense are always wonderful books to pick up.

    Wishing you the best in 2017 Dana for you and your family, along with reading some more great books by you. God bless.

    • Dana R. Lynn on January 7, 2017 at 4:51 pm

      Hi Marilyn! You are the winner! Which book would you like?

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