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Reliance (Hollow Hearts Book 2)



Two strangers. One clandestine wedding. Many hidden stories.


Discouraged by his limited prospects and tired of trying to find a bride in a traditional manner, Elias Wheeler places an advertisement requesting a mail-order bride and mother for his young daughter. Rebecca Malone, eager to escape an abusive past, travels to Montana to become Elias’s wife despite only exchanging a few letters. Learning to care for one another proves easy; learning to trust proves much more difficult. Elias and Rebecca must navigate the waters of blending families while learning to depend on one another with confidence, loving support, and faith. Together they must learn to rely on each other and what they hope to build while accepting that perfection isn’t the goal; love is.







Reverie (Hollow Hearts Book 1)


Orphaned at a young age Hetty is convinced that her circumstances make her unworthy of having a family of her own. When a job opportunity as a housekeeper presents itself Hetty accepts believing that working for Isaac Wheeler and his family is a welcome, if not temporary, surrogate for her own family dreams. As she’s faced with learning to trust she discovers that wanting a family and building a family are two very different things. Will she learn to see herself as worthy of God’s gifts? Or will she return to the solitary existence that defined so much of her life?

Isaac Wheeler, successful furniture maker and dishonorable bachelor, finds Hetty’s presence in his home to be disturbing and a haunting reminder of his past sins. As he struggles with his growing and unwanted feelings, he can’t help but torment himself with mistakes from his past. Can he navigate the family tensions, infidelity, and sudden choices destined to keep them apart? Or can Isaac endure each struggle and seek forgiveness before discovering what truly makes a family?

Speaking of family, I asked Christina to talk about balancing her role of author with that of a mother.
Balancing motherhood and writing is often a game in precision.  When I first started writing I learned rather quickly that I needed to schedule my writing time and responsibilities as an author entirely separate from my responsibilities as a mother.  I discovered that I needed to find a way to give myself wholly to each without guilt and without interference.  I started scheduling my writing time around their school day. When they get on the bus at 7:30 AM I dive full force into my writing responsibilities. I tap the keys, engage on social media, edit, and return emails with a focused mind. I try to work as diligently as possible until 2:30 PM when I have to head to their afternoon carpool.  From that point in the day it becomes all about them.  I help with homework, pack lunches, cook dinner, and shuttle them to their various activities. I try to be as present as possible from the moment they get home until they head to bed. It gets difficult somedays – especially when emails or requests start rolling in. But, I do my best to put a limit on my writing life when I’m with my children. They need me to be present – I owe them that much.  I’ll often check in or do a little more work after they go to bed, but I’ve learned that I’d much rather wait until the next day to return an email or write more words so that when they are home I can enjoy just being a mom.  



About the Author
Christina Yother is a historical and contemporary romance writer. She has been involved with writing, blogging, and social media for several years and earned a PhD in 2012 by writing one of the first dissertations to explore how women build community through writing online. She lives in small-town Georgia with her husband and three children. You can find her writing at or at where she runs a submission-based collaborative writing blog that celebrates the smaller voices in the blogging community. Also by Christina Yother: Reverie (Hollow Hearts Book 1)




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