D.R. Lynn Regency Fiction

She found her true love 200 years in the past. Will the demands of society, or her secret, tear them apart?

She's a modern woman with a mind of her own. He's a colonel in His Majesty's Army and the second son of an earl. Do they have a chance to make a timeless love match?

In England for her grandmother's funeral, Mckenzie James stumbles upon a time portal and is transported two hundred years into the past. Now, she must rely on her new friend, Miss Georgiana Darcy, to help her act the part of a well-bred lady. All is going well until she meets Georgiana's dashing cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam. Suddenly, hiding her identity isn't her only problem...she must protect her heart, too!

Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam wants what his cousin Darcy has- a love match. Unfortunately, society demands he marry a wealthy woman from a noble family. His dude has always been a bittersweet one. Now it is almost more than he can bear, for he is falling in love with the mysterious Miss James.

Will his family, or her secret, tear them apart forever?

Originally published as The Colonel's Timely Bride, this book has been revised with updated scenes and a new cover.

Colonel Fitzwilliam's Timely Bride book cover by D. R. Lynn

Book One

Danger follows their every step. Is there no time or place where they can find happiness?

Anne de Bourgh has never had a chance to lead her own life or make her own decisions. That all changes when she realizes her life is in danger–from her own mother. Determined to escape her fate, she sets out on an adventure and meets help in an unlikely stranger. A man who claims to be from the future.

American Morgan James is no stranger to the reality of time travel. Five years ago, his sister went through a time portal on the family estate in England and returned with Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam, the love of her life. When Morgan finds historical evidence that Richard's cousin Anne died a horrible death, He is determined to save her.

Neither Anne nor Morgan plan to fall in love. But danger follows their every step. Is there no time or place where they can find happiness?

This novella was previously published as The Heiress's Timely Hero under the name Dana R. Lynn in 2017. It is being re-issued with updated scenes and a new cover.