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I’m very pleased to have Wendy May Andrews with me this week. Wendy is a fellow author with Clean Reads, and like me, enjoys writing Regency romance. She has graciously agreed to  come on my blog today and share what she has learned as an author. And that’s not all…one lucky commenter will receive a complimentary ebook copy of  The Countess Intrigue.  Doesn’t that sound fantastic?! Welcome, Wendy!

While I was writing my first book, I had no idea how much I didn’t know J I knew I had a lot to learn, but I thought it was all to do with craft – how to create more believable characters, deepen conflict, engage the reader. Yes, all that is, of course, very important, I would even say the most important, but after that book got a contract and I continued to write more books, I found out what else I needed to learn.

As an author, the writing is just the beginning. First there’s the editing. I’m rather embarrassed to admit that I didn’t even know what Track Changes was! My first set of edits had to be done twice because of that (sigh). It also turns out that I have a HUGE comma weakness. I have had to read scores of articles about the proper use of the comma. My first line editor nearly quit on me due to my lack of commas. Editors are a writer’s best ally.

I had also never been into social media before so figuring out Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tsu all posed various levels of frustration. Thankfully they are reasonably user friendly and I am slowly getting hooked on each and every one of them. Previously, I couldn’t understand articles I would read about the need to limit your time online chatting. Now I get it and am starting to look into various apps that will cut off your online access for predetermined lengths of time – another lovely invention for writers!

Another recent technological education was with Rafflecopter. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a means for getting people to perform various tasks in order to be entered to win a prize. Tasks can be as simple as answering a poll or signing up to follow me on Twitter. Rafflecopter.com is remarkably user friendly, but unfortunately, while I was trying to set it up I was also dealing with computer problems (double sigh). Now I’m trying to figure out MailChimp which is a program that manages mass mailing. I’m planning to use it to send out my new release newsletters (sign up on my website or FB page if you’re interested J ). But there are all kinds of other things I have to learn to make it work… (triple sigh 😀 )

But I have to admit, even though each of these things bring certain frustrations, I do love continuing my education. If not for my writing career, I would have happily stayed in the dark ages technologically but I’m delighted with each thing I’ve learned after the hurdle is passed. I never would have thought being an author would be so educational. But it really is the best job ever! I can’t wait to see what I’m going to learn tomorrow, next week, next month, next year…


The Countess Intrigue

By: Wendy May Andrews


The Countess Intrigue is a 60,000 word sweet, regency romance with a thread of suspense. It is a standalone sequel to The Duke Conspiracy.


Engaged to a rumored murderer – what’s a lady to do?


During her second Season, Lady Elizabeth Castleton is found in a compromising situation with Lord Justice Sinclair, the Earl of Heath. Despite her attraction to him, she is dismayed to find herself betrothed to the man who is rumored to have killed his first wife. Her parents refuse to lend credence to the rumors, so she is soon married and on the way to her husband’s estate.

She cannot decide what to make of the handsome earl but after an attempt is made on her life, Elizabeth is terrified that history is about to repeat itself. She determines to find out once and for all if she is married to a murder.

Can she stay alive long enough to find her happily ever after?

About the Author:

Wendy May Andrews has been reading whatever she could get her hands on since the age of five. She has been writing for almost as long but hasn’t been sharing those stories with anyone but her mother until recently. Wendy lives in Toronto with her own real-life hero. When not writing or reading, they love to travel wherever the mood takes them.


Thanks, Wendy! And didn’t I promise a giveaway? Just comment on this post, and this weekend, one commenter will be randomly selected to receive an ebook copy.  Blessings!

Want to contact Wendy May Andrews? See below.




Author’s Social:

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/WendyMayAndrews

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/WendyMayAndrews

Instagram:  http://www.instagram.com/wendymayandrews


Brief Excerpt:


The evening had already been harrowing with the abduction of her dearest friend from that very ballroom mere moments earlier, but it already felt like eons. After she had left it in the Duke of Wrentham’s hands there had been nothing she could do to help. She had no desire to stand about wringing her hands so she was making every effort to remain calm, keeping up appearances in order to prevent Rose’s absence from becoming common knowledge, in an effort to preserve her reputation. The last thing Elizabeth needed was to be seen conversing with the controversial earl. But despite every instinct shrieking for her to leave the man’s presence on the instant, she forced herself to meet his eye as she bade him good night.


His handsome face always made her blink. Well defined, with a sharp jaw and angular cheekbones. His skin looked smooth, as though he had just left the ministrations of his valet. His wide set eyes were a unique color, somewhere between blue and green, and leant an air of watchful intelligence to his beauty. She wondered if he found it amusing to be constantly faced with wide-eyed women or if he had become immune to it. Perhaps he took it as his due, Elizabeth thought absently, before she refocused her attention. She ought to be keeping her wits about her. Exhaustion from the evening’s turmoil was dulling her senses.


Buy links:


Amazon:  http://amzn.to/29X2jNe

Barnes & Noble:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1124145563?ean=2940157000172

Kobo:  https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/the-countess-intrigue

Smashwords:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/652627




  1. Brigid Amos on August 2, 2016 at 8:40 am

    Wendy, I can so relate to your struggle. I often feel so overwhelmed with social media and all the things I think I will have to do to promote my book. I read somewhere that if you do just one thing a day, it’s a good start. I’m going with that idea right now.

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