Author Teresa Howard Shares Her Latest Release


Summer Skye Danvers


Summer changes like a shifting kaleidoscope from a naïve southern belle to the elusive Duchess of Tyndale to a mother, to a widow.  Through it all, she loves one man, Lord Charles Zachery Clayton, the Earl of Somerset.  Will she ever possess him as her own?



Lord Charles Zachery “Chaz” Clayton


Since Summer was little more than a toddler, she held a special place in Chaz’s heart.  Indeed, she has been the guiding force throughout his life, though neither of the star-crossed lovers knew just how much until they are forced to wed.  But will she ever be his wife in more than name only?  



Summer and Chaz share joy, loss, danger, tragedy and rebirth.  Through it all, their loves thrives.  But the road to their happily ever after is strewn with obstacles.  Will their love survive the challenges that face them?


In a world where marriage is a matter of politics and property, can they ever marry just for love alone?


Teresa Howard is to historical romance novels what roses are to Valentine’s Day. This alluring southern belle has been delighting her audience with delectable tales of forbidden love, set in amazing times and places. Through her growing collection of novels, her readers can escape to a gentler time and experience the thrill of unbridled passion again and again.


  1. Christina Lorenzen on August 26, 2014 at 3:32 pm

    Congrats!A beautiful cover and I just LOVE your author picture too!

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