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We’re on a journey. Our destination: Heaven. The entrance fee? Paid with Jesus’s blood. We are his. Our challenge? Allow ourselves to be loved by God and find our place in the ultimate love story. But will we surrender to the transforming fire of that love? If we do, we will be changed.


Consider Through the Seasons with Jesus and Mary a companion for your journey from someone who has been touched by the fire of God and wants you to know the hope and peace that faith in God brings. Starting with Advent and traveling through the liturgical year, Through the Seasons will help you experience the excitement, and the ordinariness, of the events which shaped Christianity and the world. In short, easy-to-read reflections, the author shares how even the smallest events can be infused with the Holy Spirit. Discover how God not only wants to be part of your life but will help you find your place in an ever-unfolding love story between you and Him.


When I started writing articles for a local newsletter, I never imagined one day having a book. The challenge was put to me by a priest friend who was rather like the “hound of Heaven” in his persistence! The end result is Through the Seasons with Jesus and Mary, a walk through the liturgical year of the Church. I wrote parts of it through the eyes of Jesus, Mary and Joseph to try and capture the wonder and bewilderment of what was happening to them. We have hindsight to see how it all panned out – they didn’t, and the trust they put in God is amazing, a true inspiration for us.

 The reflections I put in from a modern viewpoint are personable, written in plain language. I wanted it to seem like I was talking to you. Reading an academic text doesn’t really move anyone to grow closer to God, but if stories can help someone look at events in a different way and give them hope, then the book becomes an encounter with Him and can’t help but leave one changed. I want this book to help people have that experience where they can say, “Ah, I know God better now.”



 Amy lives in Meadville, PA with her husband and two teenage daughters. Every winter she jokingly reminds herself that she voluntarily moved here from the warmer St. Louis climate! Loves gardening, cooking, canning food, making Ukrainian eggs, and oh yes, coffee. Most of this book was written with coffee at hand.



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 I love to travel and experience new cultures. Currently, I think I’d like to go to Costa Rica and the Panama Canal. And Madagascar. Alaska’s good, too. Really, anywhere.


 I’ve thought about trying to write another book, fiction this time. I have a premise and plot, but it’s been sitting in the notebook not doing anything for months. God and my family take priority. I’m working at disciplining myself to write more. I like the challenge.

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