Interview with Preslaysa Williams


What do you write….tell us about your journey.

I write inspirational fiction both romantic fiction and middle grade fiction. I’ve been writing fiction since 2008. After the birth of my first child, I seriously pursued the craft of fiction. Since then, I’ve written three books. Two are inspirational romances and one is a middle grade fiction novel.

How have you seen the presence of God in your life and writing?

I could write a book about how He’s moved in my life and writing! One of the ways that I’ve seen Him move in my life and writing has been through the various confirmations that I am on the right track with my writing through positive contest feedback or from publishing professionals. It can be a challenge to pursue a career in this industry so positive feedback always encourages me and tells me to keep persisting.

What are your dreams?

One of my dreams is to become a better writer, wife, and mom than I was yesterday. Developing a deeper relationship with God and learning to abide in Him is the only way I can see these dreams come to fruition. It’s not an easy feat to pursue God wholeheartedly with the distractions of our modern age, but it’s possible.

Any current projects?

Right now I am editing a contemporary inspirational romance and drafting another. So I am stepping into two story worlds each day! I have to put on two different mental hats when I switch from drafting mode to editing mode, but I have a routine which has been working for me.

How do you balance your writing time with other commitments?

I have two small children so I am continually tweaking my routine to make sure I balance both writing and home life. Right now, I write when the children nap and early in the morning before they wake up. I try to write the new words as soon as I wake up and then edit in the afternoons. However, if I am pressed to get something done faster I may focus more on writing or on editing.

Something quirky about you.

I am a huge list maker. I have a planner with lists, and then I stick post it notes in the planner with micro-lists, lol. It’s the way my brain is wired. I have to break down things into small steps so I won’t feel overwhelmed.




Preslaysa Williams (pronounced press-lay-suh) is a novelist and expert multi-tasker. She writes and edits fiction while her children nap and reads novels during her (almost) daily walks. A 2013 ACFW Genesis finalist and a 2014 ACFW Genesis semi-finalist, she writes inspirational romance and middle grade fiction of the happily ever after sort. Visit her online at


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