I was in Florida recently visiting family. Everything was green and fresh. And there was a litter of young kittens playing around the yard. Their antics made me laugh. They had no fear. Probably because experience hadn’t taught them that there was anything to be afraid of.  Yet.

I remember seeing similar behaving in my children. They would freely follow where their imagination led. Sometimes with painful consequences. So, they became wiser. More cautious. That’s the way life happens.

But I don’t want to be cautious in 2015. I want to be bold. Bold in my faith. I want people to meet me and know that God is number one in my life. Not because I said so, but because my actions show it.

I want to become a better wife. Better mom. Better friend. 2015 is the year for that.

I want to be bold in my writing. I signed my first two contracts in 2014. But my focus was sometimes missing. I want to be the person who writes everyday in 2015. Even if just for a short time. I want to consistently read and study my craft, strengthening this gift He blessed me with. Who knows what can be accomplished when we step out in faith.

Hey, I just realized something.  I made a list of resolutions.  But more than that. I have made commitments.

Happy New Year!

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