Weaving It All Together

If you’re anything like me, other worlds and time periods have always held a special fascination. I was the kid who would go into the public library and walk out two hours later with a dozen or more books. I would roam through every genre in the fiction section: romance (contemporary and historical), young adult, sci fi and fantasy. I loved them all. It wasn’t unusual for me to be reading out of two genres at the same time. Time travel was a special favorite of mine. The idea of inserting a modern person into a past society was intriguing.  There were so many possibilities!

When I was in high school, I added a new love to my list of reading genres… the classics. I adored the Bronte sisters, Hawthorne, and Louisa May Alcott. But my absolute favorite was Jane Austen. I devoured her novels. Especially Pride and Prejudice. I winced every time I read the part where Elizabeth rejected Darcy. My sophomore English teacher introduced me to both the book and the BBC movie. I immediately rented the movie. In fact, I rented it so often that my parents bought it for me that Christmas. Since then, I have watched every adaptation made.

I had always wondered though, well what happened after the book ended? And what would have happened if…? The ideas were endless. I was also a little annoyed that Mary Bennet was left at home. Didn’t she deserve a happy ending? And what about Colonel Fitzwilliam? And Caroline Bingley? I was dying to know their fates. The day I read my first variation story a dream was born. I wanted to write one, too. It took many years, but I finally wrote one.




So where to go now? I had always loved Colonel Fitzwilliam.  In him, I saw a worthy hero of his own tale. The idea started to evolve in my mind. What if he did find his soul mate, but she wasn’t from his time? The impossibility of such a match resonated with me. Especially as I could envision all the angst that would go along with it. Now  I know, time travel stories call to a very specific group of readers. But the idea wouldn’t leave me alone, so I wrote The Colonel’s Timely Bride.



It was so much fun to write! Kenzie and Richard Fitzwilliam deserved each other. I have to admit, I love this little story. But I might be biased. Just a little.

I hope you enjoy it too!  It’s out in ebook now.

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